Jeffrey S Niedermaier Jr

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Jeffrey received his AB with honors in East Asian Languages and Civilizations in 2014 from the University of Chicago. There he wrote a thesis on the ancient waka (vernacular poems of Japan) of the Man’yōshū (a eighth-c. CE anthology), with focus on the poesy and polity of the Jitō Empress (645–703 CE, r. 697–703), for which he won the Asada Eiji Thesis Prize.

Interests: waka; kanshi (Chinese poems as produced, consumed, and circulated in Japan); sites of contact between waka and kanshi; Sino-Japanese anthologies such as the Wakan rōeishū (compiled by Fujiwara no Kintō in the early eleventh c.); the function and role of the anthologizer; the activity of anthologization as literary and philological praxis; non-Western, premodern comparative literatures; textual transmission (through commentaries, manuscripts, early print, etc.)