Masahiko Seto

Masahiko Seto's picture
Senior Lector
432 Temple Street, Room 303, New Haven, CT 06511

B.A. in Political Science, Waseda University, 1981
M.A. in Education, Almeda College & University, 2004

Areas of interest:

Japanese grammar, semantics, cultural studies, creative writing, Chinese and Kanji studies

Modern Japanese literature, Modernization in Meiji Japan, Haiku, J-Pop and neuroscience

Courses taught:

Second-year Japanese; Fourth-year Japanese


  1. Sura-sura, A Text for Intermediate Japanese, Yale Press, 1996
  2. Sura sura On-line, digital version of SURA-SURA, A Text for Intermediate Japanese (Students are able to prepare for the next day’s lesson on-line listening to the audio files of all the parts of the printed version)
  3. The CRAFT – Companion for Reading Authentic Foreign Texts (A web-based module for advanced learners of Japanese)
  4. Japanese translation: Biography of Deng Xiaoping (1988, The Xinhua News Agency)