Loren Waller

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Loren Waller received a BA in Japanese Studies from Willamette University and MAs in Japanese Literature from Kyoto Prefectural University and Columbia University. Before coming to Yale, he taught Japanese Literature at the University of Kochi. He is interested in Nara and early Heian Period poetry and prose, including the relationships between oral and written, periphery and center, and place and space. His recent research has taken inspiration from intertextual and narratological theories in analyzing the KojikiNihon shokiFudokiMan’yōshūTosa nikkiTaketori monogatari, and Genji monogatari. He is co-editor of Shinpen Tosa Nikki (Ōfū, 2013) with Higashihara Nobuaki, which applies discourse analysis to the text, reconsidering traditional interpretations that tended to conflate historical author and narrator.