Guidelines for Independent Tutorials

Independent tutorials are not language courses but are rather academic courses in which a student pursues a research and reading project in the language of interest.  Students must already have advanced knowledge of the topic in question.  The course culminates in an exam on content (not language proficiency) or a term paper, in English or the target language depending on the nature of the topic.  Tutorials are usually intended for Chinese or Japanese majors.  A tutorial may not substitute under any circumstances for a course regularly taught at Yale.  On the contrary, such a course would be essential preparation for a tutorial which by its nature constitutes advanced work.

Students interested in proposing an independent tutorial must consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies before the beginning of the semester in question and must provide a detailed written proposal for approval by the Director of Undergraduate Studies by the end of the first week of classes.  The tutorial must begin by the second week of classes.  Students are responsible for finding an instructor in the department who is able to supervise the tutorial.  In some cases the Director of Undergraduate Studies will find an additional reader to help evaluate the work.

Independent Tutorials must meet at least one hour per week, but preferably longer.  Proposals must include an explanation of the rationale for the tutorial, a plan of readings, a projected schedule of meetings, and an explanation of an schedule for evaluations, whether these are written work or exams.  The proposal must be signed by both student and instructor.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies is the instructor of record, and will consult with the instructor and reader (if any) to determine the grade.