EALL Initiatives

EALL has already:

  • Offered classes that interrogate issues of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender in the East Asian context. 
  • Through the CEAS, invited scholars in East Asian Studies to give talks on issues of race, sexuality, and gender.
  • Created advising guidelines which clarify the mutual expectations students and faculty can have from the advising relationship, which has been made available to all department members.

EALL is currently:

  • Maintaining a group including all stakeholders in the department to continue discussing DEIB issues
  • Encouraging active recruitment of a diverse body of students, taking advantage of Yale initiatives to support diversity.

EALL will:

  • Undertake a review and re-articulation of the “Program of Study,” both on the website and in a separate document that is shared internally to the department, that “makes explicit structures that have been implicit” and that “surfaces the hidden curriculum of graduate studies.”         
  • Introduce attendance at the Poorvu Center’s Inclusive Teaching workshops in the expectations of student teachers and faculty.
  • Spearhead the creation of a study group on race among the Language and Literature fields and promote a series of talks and discussion sessions on race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity.