Young Yi

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Young received his B.A. from Florida State University (double major in English Literature and EALC) and his M.A. from the University of Colorado Boulder (ALC) before joining the program in 2014.  During his final year at FSU, Young studied abroad at Miyagi University of Education and Tohoku University conducting research on Keitai shosetsu (cell phone literature) as a JASSO scholar.  Also, while at CU Boulder, he spent two years on the Monbukagakusho research scholarship at Waseda University’s department of Media, Body, and Image.  His current research interests centers on the production, permutation, function, and discourse surrounding characters within contemporary Japan (literature, media, and society) while his broader interests encompass the intersections between modern and contemporary Western/East Asian literature, media, and popular culture.  Outside of his academic pursuits, Young enjoys cooking, traveling, and skiing.