Alumni Placement

Ph.D. Graduates since 2007:

Rea Amit (Ph.D. 2016) Instructor in the Department of Modern Languages, Illinois College

Cheow Thia Chan (Ph.D. 2016) Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore.

John Creamer (Ph.D. 2007) Research Fellow, Bukkyo Daigaku, Kyoto

Jennifer Feeley (Ph.D 2008) Assistant Professor, Department of Asian & Slavic Languages & Literatures, University of Iowa

Nikki Floyd (Ph.D. 2011) Visiting Assistant Professor, Asian Studies, Mt Holyoke

Amy Franks (Ph.D. 2009) Adjunct Assistant Professor, Northern Virginia Community College

Joshua Frydman (Ph.D. 2014) Postdoctoral Fellow, Lecturer on East Asian Languages & Civilizations, Harvard University

Robert Goree (Ph.D. 2010) Assistant Professor of Japanese, East Asian Languages & Cultures, Wellesley College

Frederik Green (Ph.D. 2009) Assistant Professor & Associate Director of Chinese Flagship, Chinese Program, San Francisco State University

Kendall Heitzman (Ph.D. 2012) Assistant Professor, Japanese Literature and Culture, University of Iowa

Hongyu Huang (Ph.D. 2007) Professional Translator, Shanghai, China

Lucas Klein (Ph.D. 2010) Assistant Professor of Chinese, University of Hong Kong

Andy (David) Knight (Ph.D. 2014) Postdoc, History Department, University of Chicago

Drake Langford (Ph.D. 2009) Assistant Professor of Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures (Japanese), California State University, Northridge

Ashton Lazarus (Ph.D. 2014) Collegiate Assistant Professor, Humanities, University of Chicago

Arthur Mitchell (Ph.D. 2012) Assistant Professor of Japanese, Macalester College

Jessica Moyer (Ph.D. 2015) Assistant Professor of Chinese, Smith College

Stephen Poland (Ph.D. 2016) Reischauer Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard University 

Christian Ratcliff (Ph.D 2007) Associate Professor of Foreign Languages (Japan), Kanagawa University

Casey Schoenberger (Ph.D. 2013) Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese, University of the South

Shr-Tzung Shie (Ph.D. 2007) Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at Tsing Hua University in Taiwan

Brian Steininger (Ph.D. 2010) Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies, Princeton University

Takuya Tsunoda (Ph.D. 2016) Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago

Edwin Van Bibber Orr (Ph.D. 2013) Assistant Professor of Chinese, Syracuse University

Paul Vierthaler (Ph.D. 2014) Assistant Professor of Asian Studies and Digital Humanities, Leiden University, the Netherlands

Ao Wang (Ph.D. 2008) Assistant Professor of Asian Languages & Literatures, Wesleyan University

Guojun Wang (Ph.D. 2015) Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, Vanderbilt University

Naoki Yamamoto (Ph.D. 2012) Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies (Asian Cinema), UC Santa Barbara

Wei Yang (Ph.D. 2009) Assistant Professor of Chinese, University of the South

Qiangqiang Zhang (Ph.D. 2012) Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, East Normal University of China, Shanghai